Visitor Attractions

Vitafoods Europe provides a platform where the entire industry gathers to meet, talk, learn discover, learn and network with business leaders from over 110+ countries.

Visit the Probiotics Resource Centre

Probiotics Resource Centre

Discover the latest breakthroughs in probiotic technology, new product development, consumer analysis and market trends.

Omega-3 Resource Centre

Learn more about Omega-3 fatty acids via a wide range of content including presentations, infographics, interactive visual displays and product showcases.

Visit the Plant-Based Sampling Bar

Plant-Based Sampling Bar

Plant Based Sampling Bar will give the opportunity to attendees to sample the latest discoveries in the plant based market. 

Visit the Start-Up Pavilion

Start-Up Pavilion

A dedicated area for entrepreneurial businesses and start-ups to showcase innovative ingredients, technologies, services and finished products.

Visit the Vitafoods Insights Stage

Vitafoods Insights Stage

Free-to-attend sessions addressing the key topics, such as sustainability and traceability, diversity and inclusion as well as marketing to the end consumer.

Visit the Sustainability Corner

Sustainability Corner

The Sustainability Corner features insights within the nutraceutical industry including transparency efforts and our commitment for a more sustainable future.

Visit the Tasting Centre

Tasting Centre

Taste a selection of functional food and beverages across a wide range of health categories and vote for your favourite.

Visit the New Ingredients Zone

New Ingredients Zone

Innovative nutraceutical ingredients and raw materials are showcased, allowing you to evaluate the best product ranges to hit the market.

Visit the New Ingredients Theatre

New Ingredients Theatre

Attend presentations from top leaders in the industry and get insights into emerging ingredients and innovation. 

Visit the New Products Zone

New Products Zone

This feature displays the latest functional food and functional beverages, giving you the chance to consider which products best suit your needs

Life Stages Theatre

This theatre is designed around specific nutritional needs that are vital and unique at different stages of a person’s life.

Sports Ingredients Theatre

Learn more about the latest developments in the key sports ingrediets market, such as stimulants & adaptogens, protein, amino aids, collagen, omega-3, vitamins and minerals. 

Innovation Tours

Join themed tours around selected exhibitors offering insight into innovative ingredients through on-stand presentations and tastings.

International Pavilions

Showcasing the latest in ingredients, raw materials, nutraceutical products, and functional food and beverages from around the world

Market & Trend Overview

This area displays the latest industry innovations and emerging health trends set to impact industry and product development. 

Additional Events

Community Breakfast

Enjoy and indulge a healthy breakfast with your colleagues and peers before the exhibition.

Yoga Wellness

 Join us for a relaxing and unwinding class before a long and productive day at Vitafoods Europe. 

5K Run

The Vitafoods Europe 5K Run will boost and energise you before joining the exhibition.

Pharmactive Presentation and Complimentary Breakfast

Pharmactive Breakfast Brief

Join Dr Adrian Lopresti for a presentation exploring natural treatments to improve sleep quality in adults followed by a complimentary breakfast.

Nutraingredients Awards

The NutraIngredients Awards rewards true innovation and cutting edge research in healthfoods, supplements and nutrition.

NCN Europe VII

NCN's Europe Investor Meeting gives innovative companies in the health, nutrition and wellness industry the opportunity to present in front of 80-100 investors.