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Vitafoods Europe Conference

Hear it from the nutraceutical experts

The 2-day Vitafoods Europe Conference offered a programme focused on tackling current challenges and identifying immediate opportunities for the nutraceutical industry.


During the conference, experts from across the field presented data-driven, evidence-based solutions, latest research, ingredient insights, innovations and formulation strategies within sports nutrition & active lifestyle, immune gut health, cognitive & emotional health, and healthy ageing, longevity & metabolic health.


Stay tuned to know all about out 2025 programme! 



Sports nutrition and active lifestyle

Consumer awareness of the impact of nutrition and physical activity on overall health, such as benefits to cardiovascular health, brain function, and mood, is continuously increasing. At the same time, consumers consistently look for ways to improve their performance and support their active lifestyles.

Join us in discovering the latest trends and developments in sports and active nutrition directly from researchers and industry experts. Session highlights include:

  • The state of active nutrition. Brandon Casteel, SPINS
  • Optimising nutrition for female athletic performance., Dr Susan Kleiner, High Performance Nutrition LLC
  • Innovation excellence: The intersection of R&D and vision in sports nutrition. Pol Gieco Villegas, Crown Sport Nutrition


Cognitive and emotional health

Growing research supports the role of nutrition in brain function. With a progressively ageing population posing a higher risk of developing cognitive decline and brain conditions, consumers are seeking strategies to support their brain health, mood, and emotional well-being.

Join us to explore the newest discoveries and advancements in cognitive and emotional health, led by professionals and pioneers. Session highlights include:

  • The role of the gut microbiome in cognitive health across the lifespan. Dr Siobhain O'Mahony, University College Cork
  • The potential for Lion's Mane mushroom to impact cognitive function and well-being. Dr Ellen Smith, Northumbria University
  • Psychosocial factors' role in gut-brain-axis disruptions and the need for brain-side solutions. Eric Withee, Freemen Nutra Group



Healthy ageing, longevity, and metabolic health

Long-term conditions like obesity and diabetes are associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, mobility problems, and cancer. These represent some of the most significant hurdles to healthy ageing. Considering this, consumers explore ways to improve and maintain good health throughout life.

Join us to learn about the latest innovations and trends in healthy ageing, longevity, and metabolic health shared by global leaders and analysts. Session highlights include:

  • Body responses after food intake: Impact of gene expression and epigenetics. Jordana Bell, King’s College London
  • Tackling metabolic syndrome through product innovation. Rick Miller, Mintel
  • Exploring epigenetic insights: The intersection of nutrition and molecular diagnostics for health assessment. Varun Dwaraka, TruDiagnostic


Immune and gut health

Increasing evidence suggests a strong interplay between gut microorganisms (microbiota), the gut, and the immune system and how disruptions to these interactions may increase the risk of health conditions. Moreover, consumers increasingly seek additional ways to support their immune and gut health and contribute to their overall health.

Join us to gain insight into the most recent research and trends in the immune gut and health landscape delivered by specialists and innovators. Session highlights include:

  • Targeting diet-microbiome interactions for the prevention of cancer. Dr James Kinross, Imperial College London
  • Decoding health on the plate: Machine learning to uncover food compounds impacting chronic disease. Marie Meima, TNO
  • One health: Gut microbiota management towards healthy ageing. Olaf Larsen, Yakult

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