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A sustainable event

Putting sustainability first

What's in this guide

Our sustainability initiatives

01 Inspiring sustainable development

02 Running an environmentally responsible event

03 Running a socially responsible event

04 What we are doing in Geneva

05 Being a sustainable attendee

06 Better stands for exhibitors

Inspiring sustainable development

Through our community, purposeful partnerships, and meaningful content, we provide the tools for all stakeholders to put the planet first.



1 Integrating issues on sustainability throughout our content programme.

2 Hosting the Start-up Innovation challenge, with a special Jury’s choice award for the most sustainable solution.

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Running a environmentally responsible event

We consider sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event. We’re committed to reducing our emissions and waste each year.



1 The event is powered 100% by renewable energy.

2 Collaborating with contractors and exhibitors to eliminate single-use/disposable stands by 2025.

3 Encouraging the use of public transport with the Geneva Transport Card available to anyone staying in approved accommodation, free of charge.

Vitafoods Europe Sustainability Resource Centre
Running a socially responsible event

Making our events inclusive and diverse is priority. By championing local businesses, we make a positive impact on our host cities.



1 Ensuring our Vitafoods Europe community understands and agrees to our Code of Conduct.

2 Hosting networking events focused on diversity and inclusion, including the Women’s Networking Breakfast and LGBTQ+ Allies Networking Event.

3 Working with local suppliers and locally owned businesses to ensure a positive impact on the local economy.

4 Supporting local and global charities, including our work with Solidaridad in creating sustainable supply chains globally and help brands source ingredients ethically and sustainably.

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Foundation Partage
Making a positive impact
Partage food bank collaborates with 50 associations, reducing food waste, and redistributing essentials in Geneva. In 2023, they provided 3.9M meals and 167 tons of hygiene products weekly to 15,300 people, thanks to donor and volunteer support.
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What we are doing in Geneva

We work with Palexpo SA to collaborate around waste management and energy efficiency.



1 78% of waste is recycled.

2 Offering locally sourced sustainable products as far as possible in Palexpo’s restaurants.

3 Event bags supplied by our title sponsor, KSM-66, are made from recyclable materials.

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Being a sustainable attendee

Doing your bit for sustainability takes a few simple steps.

Sustainability guidelines
Answers to some of the most common queries
Travel & stay green

Take a train to Geneva if possible. Booking a hotel close to the event venue, and using public transport within the city will also help reduce your carbon footprint. You can also participate in your hotel’s linen reuse program to save water.

Think local

Make the most of what Geneva has to offer. Click here to find out more—from chocolatiers to cultural attractions—as well as local restaurants and more.

Reduce waste

Using a reusable coffee cup and a water bottle instead of plastic cups to stay hydrated help reduce waste dramatically.

During the online content sessions

As well as creating a safe environment for all, your wellbeing needs to be prioritised, especially during long online sessions. Take a walk and stretch in between sessions and try to conserve energy on your devices.

Better stand at Vitafoods Europe
Better stands for exhibitors

Waste reduction by removing single-use stands from our event.


Why better stands

1 Better quality.

2 More sustainable.

3 Lower costs.

4 Time efficient.

Speaker at Vitafoods Europe
Post show 2023
Sustainability report
Here’s a look back at the many ways our 2023 event inspired sustainable development and the key ways in which we ran an environmentally and a socially responsible event.