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14 -  16 May 2024 - Geneva, Switzerland

Sustainability Resource Centre

After the great success of the Sustainability Hub at Food ingredients Europe, we’ve developed a new feature to showcase even more information and solutions through the Sustainability Resource Centre at Vitafoods Europe. Attendees were able to: 

  • Attend presentations delivered by industry experts
  • Explore and discuss key issues including sourcing considerations, certifications, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Connect with suppliers of solutions including supply chain traceability, regulatory compliance, certification, carbon offsetting and more.
  • Take away new insights with infographics provided by market insight partners
  • Celebrate Gender Equality at an open networking event, hosted by Women In Nutraceuticals
  • Network with industry colleagues in a special networking event around LGBTQ+ Inclusivity, hosted by Naturally Proud Network

The Sustainability Resource Centre connected sustainability-minded industry members with a variety of suppliers to further their knowledge of industry challenges and much more.

In partnership with

Sustainability Theatre Highlights

LGBTQ+ Allies Networking Reception

Monique van de Vijver

Innovation Manager Health, Solidaridad Network


Gender Lead Asia region, Solidaridad Network

Yvonne Pinto

Director Bioeconomy, Eagle Genomics 

Nicholas Carbonelle

Bird & Bird -CSDD 101 

Elizabeth Thundow

VP Consulting, Frost & Sullivan 

Juan Medina

CEO, Kaffe Bueno 

Deborah Vorhies

CEO, FairWild Foundation 

Debora Campos

CEO, AgroINtech