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Fytexia is a life science company expert in scientifically-supported active nutrients for healthcare products.

Fytexia’s team of experts works with a global network of scientific researchers to deliver functional ingredients supported with the most stringent scientific approach, from the characterization of the active compounds to their clinical demonstration. The ingredients developed by Fytexia enter the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide.

Fytexia operates globally: health solutions developed by Fytexia are available in more than 35 countries.

Fytexia offers 3 ranges of clinically supported ingredients: 

  • Body composition and metabolism: Rebalancing body composition through fat metabolism and satiety enhancement. Sinetrol / DNF-10
  • Nutrient supplementation: Supplement daily food with selected fruit and vegetable polyphenols and active prebiotics. Oxxynea / NeoGOS P70
  • Quality of life: Improving quality of life by enhancing overall wellbeing and reducing joint discomfort. Fiit-ns / Mangoselect / TensLess

Found in these Categories:


Found in these Categories: