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About the Education Programme 2018

Running alongside the exhibition, the Vitafoods Education Programme provided three clearly focused and tailored content platforms allowing the selection of the key topics most relevant to your role. The Education Programme gave opportunity to learn and network from the world’s leading nutraceutical, supplement and functional food industry experts.


NEW FOR 2018 Interactive Roundtable Discussions Day 1 & 2

This interactive feature offered conference participants a unique opportunity to come together with peers in an informal setting to share best practice and discuss solutions to key challenges facing the nutrition industry. Each roundtable was hosted by an expert moderator and focused on a single issue.   

Discussion topics included:

  • What does Brexit mean for our business in the UK and EU?
  • Where are we in the process of a legal health claim for Probiotics?
  • Key industry trends and how to utilise them when positioning a product?
  • The secret to successful product launches: Bridging the informational chasm between R&D and marketing
  • Technologies to increase the bioavailability of botanicals
  • Customer interaction - Rethinking services and product offerings to increase value
  • How do we create a sustainable supply chain? - Exploring and comparing different processes


NEW FOR 2018 Personalised Nutrition Workshop Day 3 ONLY

This workshop provided a unique platform to explore latest research in personalised nutrition, discuss different routes to successful product development and address the challenges of conquering the lucrative personalised nutrition market.

If you would like to contribute to the Education Programme 2019 and have a story or research you would like to share, please contact the conference producer Marion Schumacher:

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