Probiotics Thematic Micro-Community

The future of probiotics is bright.
Increased coverage around the power of the microbiome, discussion of the critical connection between gut health and immune function, and interest in new natural solutions to whole body wellness, open ample opportunities for this health category. 

Market Research Future has predicted the global probiotics market is estimated to reach US$3.26 billion by 2025—with the largest portion ($1.75 billion) coming from functional foods and beverages. 

Whether in supplements, foods or beverages, formulators and marketers have an opportunity to develop unique products and fresh messaging to make brands stand out. Companies are exploring ways to bring value to customers across the full range of demographics through different delivery formats and combination strategies such as synbiotics (combining probiotics with prebiotics).

It’s equally critical to find strains of bacteria that have research support. Strong science is being published supporting the potential benefits of specific probiotics on targeted populations for certain health needs, such as immune health. 

Understanding the interaction of strains in combination formulas and establishing the right dosages is the next step for companies seeking to deliver the power of probiotics to interested shoppers across the full range of demographics—younger consumers are turning to probiotics for newer application such as memory or immunity, whereas older consumers focusing on the gut health benefits.

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Probiotics Community Programme

A tour of the probiotic world through IPA eyes

Monday 7th September

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Probiotic market data – global and regional
  • The IPA objectives and its mission – looking at regulations and the science
  • Messaging and education – a methodical approach to spreading the good work of probiotics

Speaker: George Paraskevakos, Executive Director, IPA

Are you talking to or talking with your microbiome?

Wednesday 9th September

Explore how the gut microbiome affects the rest of your body and what can be done to prevent microbiota unbalances.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Gain understanding of microbiome interactions with our body 
  • Examine different strategies to influence our microbiome
  • Explore opportunities and evidence-based proposals to prevent challenges from our microbiota unbalances

Speaker: Sergio Pumarola, Open Innovation Consultant, Pumarola Innovation, Spain

Sponsored Sessions

Challenges in designing gold standard clinical trials with probiotics in Europe

Conducting gold standard clinical trials for probiotics in the EU possess specific challenges: strain characterization, stability; bioavailability and colonization assessment methodology; EU/EFSA regulated study design and ICH/GCP standards.

Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • How clinical trials with probiotics follow EU regulations and international ICH/GCP standards.
  • Why probiotics require characterization and stability control.
  • The reasons probiotics may set special challenges in study design.
  • Specific methods to assess probiotics bioavailability and colonization.

Speaker: Alvin Ibarra, Clinical Trials Director, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

L. plantarum ROSELLA–her ally for a healthy intimate flora

Discover one of the most innovative probiotics in women's health, L. plantarum ROSELLA, a unique strain with full mechanistic and clinical efficacy evidence indicating maintenance and equilibrate support of normal vaginal microflora when taken orally.

When you attend this webinar, we will review the clinical studies showing L. plantarum ROSELLA can help reduce the risk of recurrence of candidiasis, and in particular learn about:

  • Its demonstrated vaginal colonization and persistence following oral intake (validated efficacy dose : 5B/day).
  • Its normalization of pH and restoration of a diversity associated with a healthy vaginal flora.
  • Its efficacy in healthy women prone to experience temporary imbalances in their vaginal microflora.

Speaker: Elodie Aragon, Product Manager, Lallemand Health Solutions

Opportunities for probiotics in the Covid-19 era: evidence-based solutions from Probiotical in immunity and mental wellbeing

Examine challenges, opportunities and key success criteria for developing the right probiotic supplements to meet today's specific consumer demand, including a focus on evidence-based solutions for immunity, and a brief about "psychobiotics".

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the key role of the microbiome and probiotics in immune health.
  • Know the criteria for selecting a probiotic formula and producer for your projects.
  • Learn about a perfect synbiotic solution to support immunity and prevent upper-respiratory illness.
  • Discover a complete range of holistic probiotic opportunities to meet demand for mental wellness, including stress, depression and sleep.
  • Be inspired by all the science-backed possibilities offered by Probiotical.

Speaker: Nina Vinot, Area Sales Manager and Product Development, Probiotical

Chronic pain, obesity and male fertility: A disregarded triangle in probiotic supplementation

Hear about the Disregarded Triangle in Probiotic supplementation. The Probiotic Research Initiative studies the role of probiotics in disruptive applications based on comprehensive understanding of human physiology.

The University of Aalborg and Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes collaborate to explore how probiotics influence the relation between obesity and chronic pain and male fertility and will share important findings.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how obesity in adult men has been associated with low semen quality
  • Understand how pain tresholds have been demonstrated to be affected by obesity 
  • Understand how the intestinal microbiota has been suggested to influence pain sensitivity 
  • How Bifolac® PB01 may improve sperm quality

Speaker: Fereshteh Dardmeh, PhD, Assistant Professor AAU, Probiotic Research Initiative (on behalf of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes)

Building consumer loyalty through clinical efficacy

Learn about the unique health benefits that Probi® probiotics offer. Discover the solid and repeated clinical evidence supporting efficacy for gastrointestinal health, immune health, increased iron uptake and improved bone strength. 

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Understand that clinically supported efficacy is key for building consumer loyalty.
  • Learn that Probi Digestis® measurably improve IBS symptoms.
  • Discover how Probi Defendum® can reduce the incidence, duration and severity of common cold infections.
  • Learn that the probiotic bacteria LP299V® increases iron uptake and hence improve bodily iron stores.
  • Learn that Probi® Osteo may reduce bone loss asociated with aging.

Speaker: Dr Caroline Montelius, Research Scientist, Probi AB

The microbiome and metabolic health

In this webinar we will explore global trends in metabolic health and recent relevant advances in microbiome research and microbiome therapeutics.

Key takeaways for this webinar:

  • Epidemiology of metabolic health
  • Overview of microbiome research relevant to metabolic health
  • A review of recent pre-clinical and clinical evidence relevant to metabolic health

Speaker: Richard Day, Head of Medical Affairs, ADM

Hosted in collaboration with Nutrimarketing, the podcast covered a wide range of new products, ingredients and technologies, giving listeners insight into the latest innovation within the probiotics category. Featured companies will be included purely based on merit.

Designed to give visitors exclusive business intelligence, this report from Vitafoods Insights was developed with input from leading industry figures. The report consolidated key information, including market data on the growth of the probiotics market, formulation considerations when working with strains, and whitespace opportunity for product development.