Immune Health Thematic Micro-Community

In the nutraceuticals world, sales within the immune health category have soared as consumers respond to the COVID-19 threat. Demand for well-researched immune-boosting ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, elderberry and echinacea, are at an all-time high as brands struggle to meet demand for existing SKUs, rush new formulations to market or top up their existing range. From a sales perspective, analysts have updated their projections to account for the unexpected impact of the pandemic. Global Industry Analysts recently projects the global immune health supplements market will reach US$22.5 billion by 2027, growing at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2020.

On the consumer side, Persistence Market Research notes consumers are recognising the challenges of a hectic, time-constrained lifestyle, and desire products that can support their bodies in fighting off infectious disease. In addition, shoppers are continuing to seek non-GMO and clean label solutions, driving interest in whole food solutions to their health concerns. Among the whitespace opportunities the firm calls out are probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, new delivery formats and the use of unique flavour profiles.

What this means for formulators is a need to think about the synergy of ingredients, while also assessing the research behind them. There are industry concerns about soft science and exaggerated label claims affiliated with emerging or first-time products. Dietary supplements can certainly help to boost one’s immune system but cannot, by any means, be sold with the promise to treat or cure diseases. Understanding the substantiation is critical for developing efficacious products that deliver on their promises.

The immune health market is squarely centre stage for consumers seeking natural ways to bolster their well-being. The Inmmune Health Thematic Micro-Community connected, inspired, and informed visitors on the latest innovation within the category and opportunities for growth.

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Immune Health Community Programme

COVID-19 & immunity opportunities

Monday 7th September

Consumers are more concerned about immune health and looking to make fundamental changes to their diets; it's -important for brands to address barriers that exist in better-for-you products.

COVID-19 has resulted in consumers becoming more concerned about immune health, and are looking to make fundamental changes to their diets with an increased focus on functional ingredients. The industry must take steps to address concerns around nutritional supplements, while exploring new areas of innovation that boost immune health such as DNA and nutrition genetic testing.

Speaker: Mike Hughes, Head of Research & Insight, FMCG Gurus

Nutritional support for immune health

Wednesday 9th September

Immune health is increasingly recognised as whole body health, and there are a host of ingredients that manufacturers can consider to drive innovation in product development.

Immune health is not just a single system, but part of the entire body’s well-being. During the current pandemic, consumers have sought new ways to bolster their wellness, and formulators are discovering new ingredients that may serve the purpose. Join us for insights about the top trending ingredients and those that deserve consideration when formulating immune health products.

Speaker: Gene Bruno, Provost & Professor of nutraceutical science, Huntington University of Health Sciences

Sponsored Sessions

Unlock all quercetin benefits with QUERCEFIT® (QUERCETIN PHYTOSOME®), the new bioavailable ingredient for immunity and allergy prone

In this webinar, take a deep dive into the queen of flavonoids, quercetin, and its ability to modulate immune response. Specifically, understand how QUERCEFIT® improves oral bioavailability and enhances multiple properties based on unique Phytosome® technology. 

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn about the multi-action properties of quercetin flavonol, useful for immune health.
  • Understand the importance of bioavailable ingredients to exploit health benefits of botanicals. 
  • Discover the efficacy of Indena Phytosome® technology in optimizing bioavailability of botanical ingredients, including quercetin. 
  • Learn why QUERCEFIT® is the new health-food ingredient to unlock quercetin benefits for immune health and allergy prone, as demonstrated in published human studies. 
  • Find out why QUERCEFIT® is a smart formulation for personalised nutrition.

Speaker: Elisabetta Frattini, Senior Research Scientist, INDENA S.p.A

Minerals as booster for your immune system

During this webinar, you'll learn how to use mineral salts as ingredients for your new product development, with a focus on their role in immune system support--which is more important than ever.

Attend this webinar to:

• Learn about the importance of trace elements for a healthy life.
• Find out how easy it is to use minerals to improve the nutritional profile of foods and food supplements.
• Understand the reasonable use of science-proven health claims.
• Get actionable tips for entering the food supplement market.
• Walk away with new ideas for your next new product formulation.

Speaker: Dr. Sonja John, Product Manager Food, Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA

Understand the consumer to create successful immune-boosting food and drink

Which flavours or colours do consumers associate with immunity? Do consumers want low sugar or low calories when a specific benefit is highlighted? Which claims resonate? We’ll take a deep dive into the minds of consumers to create a roadmap for the future of functional food and beverages.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Dive into consumer mindsets and expectations on functional food and drinks.
  • Understand what the consumer associates with Immunity.
  • Explore how to create successful products that meet these shifting consumer demands and preferences. 
  • Address how various health claims and benefits can work together to lend a holistic functional solution.  

Speaker: Mieke Acda, Product Manager Natural and Nutrition EAME, NATUREX part of Givaudan

Hosted in collaboration with analyze & realize, the podcast with Dr Inês Rocha will explored a range of ingredients, formulations and delivery systems, giving listeners insight into the latest innovation within the immune health category. Featured ingredients and companies are included purely based on merit.

Designed to provide timely insights around the immune health category Vitafoods Insights was developed with input from leading industry figures. The report includes market sizing and consumer trend data, research highlights and predictions for the future of the market.