Botanicals Thematic Micro-Community

Since the earliest of times, humans have turned to the power of plants to support their health, with their use predating recorded history. Today, herbs and botanicals can be found in products from food supplements to beverages, in skin creams and snacks, herbs and botanical extracts are attracting consumer interest around the globe, and sales trends reflect the growth potential.

Sales of herb and botanical are projected at US$44.4 billion globally from 2020 to 2022 (NBJ). The opportunities are notable across Europe, with herbs and botanicals posting 38% of the total share of dietary supplement sales in Germany, and Eastern Europe and Russia projecting a CAGR of 6.2% in that region.

From a consumer perspective, this plays out across multiple product categories. Reporting from Innova Market insights found a 7% CAGR for food and beverage launches with botanical ingredients through 2019. Top categories seeing botanical ingredients included in finished products included offerings for babies and toddlers, in the sports nutrition area, around alcoholic beverages, and snacks and spreads. According to Innova, this is driven by the healthy halo that natural extracts carry.

That healthy halo is supported by not only long-term usage around the globe, but a growing base of scientific research into the power of botanicals. Some of the key health categories include cognitive performance, sports nutrition, immune health and mental well-being. Among the types of herbs being investigated are the adaptogens, nootropic compounds, and—as expected in pandemic times—botanicals for immune support.

The global herb/botanicals market affords countless commercial opportunities, as well as the opportunity to provide consumers with unique, natural and efficacious solutions to health challenges. The Botanicals Thematic Micro-Community connected, inspired, and informed visitors about the latest innovation within the category.

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Botanicals Community Programme

The post-COVID EU botanical world

Tuesday 8th September

COVID-19 is bringing change to the EU supplement market, with possibilities and threats for botanicals, from regulatory compliance to quality control.

The European Union is prioritising sustainability across the food chain, with a greater emphasis on plant sources. China is pushing for traditional medicines, including botanicals, to address COVID-19. Consumers clamor for clean and green labels, and solutions for a addressing a pandemic. The EU is moving toward regulation of quality of botanicals, posing opportunity for claims even as awareness is building around adulteration. Learn more about the quality and scientific challenges and opportunities these trends create for botanicals.

Speaker: Luca Bucchini, Co-Founder, Hylobates

TCM needs TQM

Thursday 10th September

As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) informs the country’s health care practices, China is uniquely positioned to offer new solutions to the global industry.

China remains one of the leading providers of botanicals to the global nutraceutical industry. With its history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) informing the country’s health care practices, China is uniquely positioned to offer new solutions to the global industry. In this session, learn how to improve and promote the scientific inquiry on the study and use of botanicals, natural products and TCM to secure global acceptance; and build on the enormous history of use of botanical medicine to provide better understanding of these preparations and formulae within the scientific and international community.

Speaker: Ray Cooper PhD, Professor and University Lecturer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sponsored Sessions

KSM-66 Ashwagandha: King of herbs & sustainability

Ashwagandha root is surging in popularity bolstered by new technologies and research. We’ll examine the scientific methods and focus on biological and cultural sustainability from KSM-66 that add up to superior quality and profound health benefits.

In this fast-paced presentation we’ll examine what ashwagandha root is, from where it derives, its traditional uses, and how superior practices add up to a superior product. Ashwagandha imparts energy, endurance, stamina, mental clarity and enhanced overall vitality. We’ll examine the issues of biological and cultural sustainability, and how KSM-66 focuses on organic cultivation, community support, ongoing clinical science and traceability to deliver a health product that really works.


Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, Medicine Hunter Inc. (on behalf of KSM-66 Ashwagandha)
Trish Flaster, Executive Director, Botanicals Liaisons, LLC

ABG+®: Designed to gain consumers heart

An aging global population and awareness of preventive medicine create new opportunities to "conquer" consumer heart concerns. Learn how ABG+®, a bio-active aged black garlic superfood, supports cardiovascular health and antioxidant effects.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Discover newly trending ingredients for 2020 for cardiovascular health and antioxidant effect.
  • Learn about ABG+® concentrates and, specifically, the benefits of aged back garlic, an oriental super-food.
  • Discover how aged black garlic "conquers" the consumers' heart while providing a complete sensory experience.
  • Understand how ABG+® is aged and extracted through a unique proprietary process that activates its extraordinary qualities.

Speaker: Daniel Gonzalez-Hedström, Scientific Researcher, Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.

Astagile™, naturally stable astaxanthin for healthy aging

ASTAGILE™ microcapsules are an all-natural microencapsulated astaxanthin with other bioactive algae ingredients, stabilised to provide enhanced benefits, including proven neuroprotective efficacy. Learn how the technology delivers health benefits. 

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technology support astaxanthin stabilization.
  • How ASTAGILE™ provides competitive product advantages – natural nootropic ingredient, provide a powerful antioxidant effect, improves astaxanthin benefits by other microalgae ingredients, and has clinically supported neuroprotective efficacy.
  • More about the scientific evidence supporting proven benefits for healthy aging.
  • Why microencapsulated astaxanthin creates formulating versatility, enabling differentiated nutraceutical applications, like nutritional powders, tablets, capsules and other dietary supplements.

Speaker: David Padró, Global Nutraceutical Business Manager, Lubrizol Life Science

Clinically tested botanicals for cognition and stress management

During this webinar, Deepak Mundkinajeddu Ph.D., head of R&D at Natural Remedies, will shed light on the clinically tested brain health and stress management solutions from traditionally used herbs: Bacopa monnieri and Ocimum tenuiflorum.

Attend this webinar to discover:

  • The latest market trends for brain health and stress management.
  • Insightful background on the traditional usage of Bacopa monnieri for cognition and Ocimum tenuiflorum for stress relief.
  • The application of modern science to bring about the hidden benefits of these traditional herbs.
  • The details of clinical studies conducted on these herbs and their efficacy.
  • The possible marketing/label claims possible with these ingredients.
  • Success stories of brands using these ingredients globally.

Speaker: Dr. Deepak Mundkinajeddu, Head of R&D, Natural Remedies

Ancient plant-based ingredients emerging to create new consumer experiences in innovative nutrition 

Funtrition provides an overview of clean-label plant-based hydrocolloid ingredients for moving beyond gelatin. Formulating with novel formats in gummies produces a new generation of nutritional sensations & experiences for innovative brands.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Hear our gummy experts discuss how Funtrition has perfected the gummy development process, transforming it into an art, incorporating different hydrocolloids and ingredients and turning these into indulgent experiences into gummies for savvy consumers.
  • Navigate through varied sensorial alternatives, answering current consumer plant- based product preferences.
  • Evolve your nutritional product into a fun sensorial experience.
  • Know how these materials improve the nutritional proposal beyond their main functions as a carrier.
  • Explorer amazing alternatives for your next project with Funtrition experts.

Speaker: Andrea Ocampo, R&D Director, Funtrition by Procaps

Showcasing the insights of Dave Foreman, the Herbal Pharmacist, the podcast covered a range of new ingredients, delivery systems and target health areas, giving listeners insight into the latest innovation within the botanicals category. Featured companies and ingredients are showcased based exclusively on merit.

Offering exclusive insights about the herb and botanical market, this report from Vitafoods Insights was developed with input from leading industry figures. The report consolidated key information, including market sizing and consumer trend data, research highlights on top ingredients, and whitespace opportunities for the future of the market.