Vitafoods Thematic Micro-Communities

Each micro-community was developed to enable registrants to connect with the most relevant suppliers, visitors, and content to their business. Our thematic communities are open throughout the entire duration of the virtual exhibition, giving registrants the chance to tailor their Vitafoods Virtual Expo experience to their specific needs.

Along with the opportunity to connect with industry peers, each micro-community hosted a wide range of content options, allowing registrants to explore the latest science and innovation within each given health category. Participants could also find live and on-demand webinars, podcasts, exclusive Vitafoods Insights reports, featured product galleries, thematic exhibitor lists, and speed networking with pre-qualified exhibitors to meet their business needs.

Beyond hard-core athletes, the sports nutrition category now attracts active consumers of all ages and from many walks of life. From the impact of plant-based nutrition to the science behind unique compounds that bolster performance, new insights are driving consumers to this category.

As the global population ages, there is interest from consumers in increasing healthspan—the length of life free from serious ailments. Diet, exercise and a positive mindset all contribute, but the power of natural ingredients to support the function of the joints, heart, mind and body.

Mainstream media and scientific journals alike are exploring the tremendous effects of the microbiome on human health, and probiotics are taking on a more critical role in supporting this community than ever before. Brands are taking notice of this shift.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put immune support on the front of everyone’s minds; in the long-term, developing quality products that contain ingredients backed by quality science is the key to delivering consumers truly efficacious support.

Omega-3s from marine and plant sources are critical for human health, supporting not only general well-being but offering substantiated benefits to the brain, heart, joints and much more and new partnership are forming across the market.

Botanicals and natural extracts are attracting the interest of health-focused consumers who are turning toward more natural solutions to support their well-being. Buyers are seeking the science behind the botanical ingredients and guidance on formulation and delivery.