Sustainable Commitment at Vitafoods Virtual Expo


Our mission to shape the food industry for optimal health, through science and innovation transcends beyond our physical events. Vitafoods Virtual Expo was created very much in line with our commitment to sustainability and what it represents:

  • Continued support to the industry to drive sustainable development
  • Running events in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner
  • Leverage our platform to empower our community

Vitafoods Virtual Expo was conceived to keep the global nutraceuticals community connected, inspired and energised. Using a virtual platform, we hope to offer an interactive experience while keeping everyone safe during this challenging time. 

We will continue to work towards achieving zero carbon and zero waste and driving the sustainability agenda at Vitafoods Asia 2020 and Vitafoods Europe 2021



Relevant and Accessible Content

Developing market relevant partnerships to help us produce inspiring content that will provide insight into best practices to allow brands to make informed and strategic decisions.


  • Vitafoods Insights provides the latest nutraceutical knowledge and innovation 365 days of the year
  • Vitafoods Virtual Expo will offer participants the tools to stay ahead of the curve 
  • Vitafoods Virtual Summit will share knowledge to inspire innovation and encourage discussion
  • We work with Knowledge partners to offer you relevant consumer insights and market research
  • Ensuring our content can be accessible to people with impairments or language barriers

Empowering the Nutraceutical Community

Conducing our business with the safety, wellbeing and accessibility as our priority motivated us to offer a solution to cater for the changing needs of a developing community that continues to grow.


  • Creating a virtual platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Providing valuable content on-demand to cater to an international audience located in different time zones
  • Looking after the wellbeing of our attendees by continuing to host fitness and yoga classes
  • Fostering a market relevant purposeful partnership will a Charity Partner sharing our mission to bring more health for more people
  • Sharing health and nutrition tips to promote a balance diet and healthy habits at home

Sustainable Recovery

Challenging times call for great innovation. As restrictions start to ease in many countries and we move into a phase of economic recovery, Vitafoods encourages companies to put sustainability at the top of their agendas. 

Opportunities to accelerate market growth are hand-in-hand with social and environmental sustainability. Leading operations efficiency is one of the ways in which businesses can be cost-effective and contribute to a faster market recovery whilst building consumer loyalty.

One of the biggest challenges a company face when embracing sustainability is finding the right information and resources. In an effort to empower our community, we have partnered with Informa Health & Nutrition’s portfolio of New Hope Network, Natural Products Insider, Food & Beverage Insider to produce the Sustainable Packaging Toolkit, in collaboration with RCD Packaging.

Look out for other consumer trends and market updates at Vitafoods Virtual Expo & Summit, as well as in Vitafoods Insights. 

Community Wellbeing

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference in your wellbeing, physical and mental performance, whether you are at work, visiting an in-person or a digital event.

Aiming to provide our visitors with a healthy start to their day, our annual Community Breakfast would usually provide wholesome foods and drinks at Vitafoods Europe and Vitafoods Asia. Unlike in-person events, virtual events may not be physically demanding as such, but it can be mentally challenging. As you join us for Vitafoods Virtual Expo, you will receive suggestions on how you can make healthier food and wellbeing choices to ensure your motivation and energy levels remain at an all-time high throughout the event.


How can you be more sustainable during Vitafoods Virtual Expo?

  • Travel is a necessary part of attending our event. This year you can minimise the carbon footprint created from physically attending previous events by joining us virtually
  • Good news! No need to print your badge this time
  • Ask exhibiting companies about the sustainability credentials of their business and their products 
  • Support our charity partner GAIN by donating today
  • Go paperless by taking notes digitally using your phone, tablet or computer
  • Use your laptop's battery-saving mode and turn it off when you aren't using it to reduce energy consumption. Unplugging your workstation overnight will also reduce phantom power
  • Reduce your environmental impact by eating one plant-based meal a day

Do you have any tips to share? Contact [email protected] to have your tips added to this list. 

Awards & Recognition

  • Vitafoods Europe was recognised for using 100% renewable and carbon neutral energy at Palexpo, minimising the creation of CO2.
  • In 2019 Vitafoods received the ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management System Certification, an international Standard recognising management, commitment and leadership, as well as stakeholder engagement for all aspects of sustainability through the whole supply chain. A testament to our continued dedication to reduce the environmental impact of our events while increasing the positive impact on communities in which the business operates.
  • In 2019, Vitafoods Europe received the Informa Markets Award - Excellence in Sustainability 2019