Ingredients Launches

In times of uncertainty, we can count on Innovation to drive research and product development. As global suppliers search for ways to serve and meet the increasing consumer demand for healthier products, they are also investing in new ingredients, delivery formats and methods to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Here are ten innovative ingredients and solutions launching this spring that can be successfully incorporated into functional food and beverages. Will turmeric oil fuel your next market winner? Would SiMoGel help you enter the functional gummies market? 

This is a sponsored showcase brought to you by thriving companies that will also be exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe 2020. 

Featured Ingredients

Micellon™ Full Spectrum Self-Emulsifying Turmeric Oil

Company: Pharma Base  
Stand: D253

Micellon™ Full Spectrum Turmeric Oil is a clean, water soluble, self-emulsifying oil composed of non-synthetic surfactants with a particle size below 350 nm to aid in the absorption of hydrophobic actives. micellon™ is formulated without: Polysorbates, Sucrose Esters, Mono – and Diglyceride of Fatty Acids, Polyglycerol Esters, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Cyclodextrins. This proprietary micellar technology is also available for Boswellia and Curcumin.

SaraPEPP™ Nu

Company: Mibelle Biochemistry
Stand: D139

Be focused – stay smart SaraPEPP™ Nu is a unique and natural cognition and mental performance enhancer prepared from Timut Pepper and MCT oil. It diffuses passively from the GI tract into the blood stream securing a superb bioavailability and a long-lasting effect. The efficacy of SaraPEPP™ Nu has been demonstrated in a placebo-controlled, randomized and double-blind clinical trial in healthy humans. A significant improvement of overall cognitive function, working memory, attention and reduced ratings of mental fatigue could be demonstrated after acute and chronic intake. These study results have been published recently in Nutrients (2019 Dec 10;11(12). SaraPEPP™ Nu has a pleasant grapefruit-like taste without any off-notes. It can be easily blended with omegas and other lipid-soluble nutrients like vitamin A&E for softgel capsule applications, as well as formulated into functional food products such as beverages. SaraPEPP™ Nu is suitable for students, working professionals and golden agers.