Tasting Centre

This popular feature allowed visitors and exhibitors to see, touch and taste a wide variety of functional foods and beverages!

All showcase products in this area were retail-ready and came from exhibitors at the forefront of the nutraceutical industry. This feature also enabled people to sample these products first-hand and to make more informed buying decisions. This interactive feature aims to find next taste-tingling, top-selling functional food or beverage to push innovative companies forward for 2018 and beyond.

Tasting Centre Awards

Congratulations to our winners:

Best Tasting Functional Beverage winner: Wellcare Teas and Infusions by Wellcare Claims
Best Tasting Functional Food winner: justmaqui pralines by Anklam Extract Gmb

Best Tasting Functional Beverage runners up:

Peppa Pig Multi Omega 3 Junior by Domowa Apteczka 
Breakfast drink with indulgent Blueberry Muffin taste by Friesland Campina

Best Tasting Functional Food runners up:

OmegaVites by Anlit Ltd Advanced Nutrition Supplements 
Triple layer caramel, high protein, low sugar by VSI

Tasting Centre Spotlights Timetable

Also at the Tasting Centre, people had the opportunity to hear more about specific products through interactive presentations and sampling sessions. These presentations took place daily at the Tasting Centre, providing a more in-depth explanation of these selected products and their benefits. 

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Tasting Centre Guide

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