Sustainability Corner

The Sustainability Corner is an interactive zone where visitors can learn more about sustainability within the nutraceutical industry and beyond. 

The devastating effects that climate change is having on the environment and on the livelihoods of millions of people and species continue to make headlines and spark international debate. In light of these events, consumers are demanding transparency across the whole supply chain; environmentally and socially responsible practices around food sourcing and production; and increasingly, more plant-based choices and circular packaging.

These and other trends are driving the standards across all sectors and sustainability has become nonnegotiable. We hope this platform inspires change with insights, practical business solutions and opportunities to create synergies for a more sustainable future — together.

Pledge Wall

We are committed to supporting the industry in driving change and working towards a more sustainable future. To highlight our commitment and inspire industry sustainability efforts, our pledge is to:

1. Achieve zero carbon/zero waste by 2025 by optimising our operational practises.

2. Make a bigger impact in the industries we serve by 2025 by seeking partnership with leading research providers. 

3. Support better health and nutrition by 2025 by seeking partnership with charities supporting vulnerable communities. 

Now that you've heard our pledge, we want to hear yours! The most impactful initiatives will be featured on our ‘pledge wall’ within this attraction and receive special recognition across our social media channels, PR and other communications. 

Spin the wheel

Playing the wheel at the Sustainability Corner is a win-win for everyone involved. Attendees will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge about sustainability and learn more about some of the world's most pressing issues, including water, energy, climate, science and technology, to name a few.

Every spin will not only challenge you but will also provide you with actionable measures you can take as an individual or as a business to achieve a more sustainable future. Correct answers will also win you environmentally friendly prizes and will help us raise funds to support our charity partners and bring more health for more people. Where will the wheel stop? 

Sustainability remains a critical aspect of what we do and care about and will shape our themes on the show floor attractions. Not only we believe it is a key driver to create competitive advantage among key players and a very hot topic for consumers who are demanding more transparency across the supply chain at all levels, but it is also pivotal for the development of the entire ecosystem. 

Our ambition at Vitafoods is to make the industry more impactful - Through show floor features like the Sustainability Corner; free-to-attend theatres such as the new Vitafoods Insights Stage with content covering sustainability, traceability, and diversity and inclusion; and encourating the participation of our communities in networking events promoting an active and healthy lifestyle: Yoga Class, 5K Run, Community Breakfast.  

What is new for 2020?

  • Spin the wheel, test your knowledge about the UN Sustainability Goals, win prizes and help us reach our fundraising goal
  • Learn more about our charity partner and how you can make a real difference
  • Don't just think it. Inspire other visitors and exhibitors by sharing your goals to our Pledge Wall
  • Learn more about our new framework of our commitment to the industry and our purpose as a team
  • Access market research data and the latest consumer trends and insights related to sustainability within nutraceuticals
  • Meet the shapers making the industry more sustainable
  • Ditch the plastic. Find water refilling stations in this and other features across the show floor