Visitor Testimonials

“This is my first time at Vitafoods and I really like the variety of products and suppliers that I can reach. I’m here as a supplier and I’ve seen very interesting possibilities. I’m here mainly to see previous suppliers, meet new ones and network. The access to the show was very easy and convenient.”

“The programmes and the seminars have been very informative and organised. All the exhibitor have been very helpful in providing information about their products, which is very helpful for me as my main goal during the show is to gather information for future content in the magazine”

“The show was very well designed, I particularly liked the tasting bar. It was very inspiring and the talks were also very good. It was good to attend, I was particularly looking for suppliers of ingredients – so the variety of exhibitors was great”

“I have been coming to Vitafoods for 3 years now and there is a lot of variety in terms of exhibitors this year. My main objectives on the show are to meet suppliers and new product concepts”

“I was surprised with the size of the show and more was going on than I expected. There is a very wide range of exhibitors”

“It’s my first time at Vitafoods but I think it’s a very good show and I’ve reached my goals of meeting new distributors and manufacturers”

“There are a lot of exhibitors with very good products. We use the show to visit suppliers and customers – establishing relationships with both and maintaining existing partnerships.”

“I think there is a lot of exhibitors which is good to give you an understanding of the state of the industry and it’s good to have them all at one place. The show works well to meet new people and understand challenges within the industry.”