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Sports Nutrition Zone

The Sports Nutrition Zone was an engaging and interactive demonstration area dedicated to the rapidly growing sports nutrition industry. This zone included a Sampling Bar, Sports Nutrition Regulatory Advice, Product Showcases, Infographics and Digital Presentations.


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Sampling Bar

Vistors could see, touch and taste a variety of the latest sports nutrition products at the Sampling Bar.

Sports Nutrition Regulatory Advice

Baffled about Brexit? Concerned about claims? The ESSNA team was there to help!

ESSNA guided visitors through the confusing maze that is the European Union policy-making process, answering their concerns on the laws and regulations that cover how businesses make, label, advertise and sell their sports nutrition products.


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Product Showcases

Visitos discovered the most exciting innovations to hit the sports nutrition market in the past 12 months.


Sports Nutrition Expands its Horizons

Innova Market Insights delved into market opportunity and innovation in the rapidly expanding sports nutrition space. Themes discussed at this year’s Sports Nutrition Zone included an analysis of how formulations have been adapted to every need and how convenience & performance become possible anytime, anywhere. A diverse range of consumers is being adopted with different objectives, whether it is traditional performance and recovery segments, new segments such as active lifestyle consumers, or seniors & specialty segments.


Visitors got the latest on trending ingredients across the global market, as well as what to specifically watch for in the EU. Brought to you by Vitafoods Insights and Natural Products INSIDER, visitors found the latest in science driving the sports nutrition category and considerations when developing their go-to-market strategy.


Digital Presentations

iPad presentation were provided by industry experts FreislandCampina DMV, ESSNAInnova Market Insights, Natural Products Insider and Vitafoods Insights.

Protein and lifestyle trends create further product differentiation in Sports Nutrition

  • Plant protein is growing further and developing into a mainstream segment within sports nutrition. New launches are adding more variety in protein choice and moving beyond soy based nutrition.
  • In the larger share of the market, product differentiation is based on the type or blend of dairy proteins. Functionality and moment targeting remain at the core of product positioning.
  • The industry has discovered a growing mainstream consumer segment looking for affordable nutrition to achieve their personal goals.
  • Performance is no longer gym focused and the industry is exploring options to cater for the growing market in endurance sports.

How to boost muscle recovery during the night? Rediscover casein protein 

For an athlete a good night sleep is crucial. The “overnight recovery concept”  allows athletes to extend their recovery period during sleep. At that time you aren’t feeding your body with protein but it still has the opportunity to recover. That’s where overnight recovery can help; for up to seven hours after consumption, due to the sustained release of amino acids. The elite athletes we work with increasingly include it in their diets because of the benefits on their performance, and  this will drive wider adoption with mainstream consumers as ‘the next new thing’.

  • To improve the effectiveness of protein, the right protein source and timing of ingestion is important.
  • Casein protein has a prolonged and sustained release in the bloodstream.
  • Overview of latest studies show casein protein improves muscle mass and strength

Regulation and Reputation: How ESSNA helps expand the sports nutrition market in the EU

An overview of the work that the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance  does to deliver sensible, proportionate regulation of sports nutrition products across the EU, and what ESSNA does to protect and improve the reputation of this rapidly growing sector.

Sports Nutrition Discovery Trail

Visitors could take a self-guided tour, developed to help drive their business objectives and discover suppliers dedicated to the key areas of Sports Nutrition. 

View a filtered 2017 Exhibitor List of all Sports Nutrition exhibitors (including those Exhibitors located within the Sports Nutrition Zone)

The Evolving Sports Nutrition Market

With the increasing popularity of on-the-go protein products, healthy snacks and online retail, sports nutrition continues to expand its scope, becoming more accessible to the masses. In the UK, 23% current value growth was achieved in overall sports nutrition in 2016, with sports protein products accounting for 71% of overall value sales, reaching £413 million. Coupled with a favourable regulatory environment for manufacturers and ongoing research examining the benefits of ingredients such as antioxidants and carbohydrates, the category is well-positioned for future growth.

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The Vitafoods Europe 5K Run

Visitors and exhibitors took part in an invigorating 5K Run around the grounds at Palexpo.

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