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Omega-3 Resource Centre

Stand I144

Running for the third year, the Omega-3 Resource Centre is a focused knowledge hub which is run in association with internationally recognised omega-3 experts, GOED.

In this area of the exhibition, visitors are able to access a wide range of content including theatre presentations, infographics, printed guide, interactive visual displays and iPad presentations, product showcases, plus the opportunity to sample a selection of ingredients and products.

Visit the Omega-3 Resource Centre to:

  • Learn about various omega-3 formats and sources available, and where you can find them
  • Gain knowledge on how to reach omega-3 consumers through the GOED’s available resources
  • Get advice on how to access market data on a specific omega-3 topic that you are exploring
  • Find out from the GOED experts how to connect with the right omega-3 supply chain partner


View the Omega-3 Resource Centre Exhibitors 

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Product Showcases

Digital iPad presentations topics include:

  • Market trends: A presentation of the latest estimates on the volume of ingredients for omega-3 products, the most relevant trends and issues influencing the market.
  • The Evolution of Omega-3 Science: Addresses the origins of the field, the major lines of thinking on the roles of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in physiology, and provide a picture of where we are today.
  • Threats to the Global Omega-3 Industry: A risk assessment regarding the issues that challenge the future of the omega-3 industry
  • Health & Wellness Priorities of the EU Consumer: Learn about where EU consumers go for health information and what influences their decision making proces