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Packaging Zone

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Learn the key elements of packaging success

Packaging plays an important part in a product's success. This educational area allows you to discover the latest additions and developments at the forefront of the packaging industry and how these impact product success.

Innova Market Insights  will present key themes in packaging, combined with a selection of actual product samples. with interesting packaging propositions on the topics of simplicity, convenience, authenticity, breakthroughs and innovation. 

Plus, benefit from free 1-2-1 consultations, advice and strategic innovation offered by the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association. 

Themes and topics include:

  • Packaging 2020: Key supplier breakthroughs just starting to make inroads
  • Easy…singles:  The single-serve space is ripe with innovation
  • Engaing simplicity: Products with a novel convenience advantage
  • Seek to peek: Window packaging to highlight authenticity.


Packaging innovation: Taking nutraceuticals further

Packaging plays a central role in the functional foods & nutraceuticals space. Innova Market
Insights takes you inside forward looking packaging solutions. Here convenience is continuously being redefined and is being adapted to satisfy changing consumer lifestyles, with ever more innovative solutions. Sustainability is under the spotlight with initiatives occurring in all sectors. Technology is enabling innovations in packaging that offer more value through added functionalities.