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I Holland Breakfast Brief

Wednesday 16th May 2018 - 9:00AM

Reduce your tablet production costs & increase tooling life by 900%

Would you like to make more tablets and extend your production campaigns without the need to change over your tablet tooling? Then come and have breakfast with us while we discuss how an inexpensive change to your tablet punches can extend your tooling life by up to 900%. You’ll also have the chance to discuss any other production issues you have experienced and get advice on what can you can do to reduce these.

The punches and dies used to make nutraceutical tablets are very often seen as a disposable item, to be thrown away and replaced once worn out. This means that you then need to go through the process of ordering and paying for new tooling and in addition, valuable production time is lost during de-tooling, cleaning and tooling up the press. In this breakfast briefing we will show you how we can use tried and tested technical advances and design techniques, along with innovative steels and coatings to combat abrasion, sticking and other common tabletting issues.

Items covered in this briefing:

• Finding a suitable design that will reduce wear

• Combating abrasion - comparative reciprocal wear testing of steels & coatings

• Case study Perrigo – Solving wear through steel selection

• Case study Thompson & Capper – Solving wear through advanced coatings

• Solving other tablet manufacturing problems and maximising productivity

I Holland have been making tablet punches and dies for over 70 years and we have a proven track record in solving these problems for our customers, so feel free to come along with any challenges you are facing and take advantage of our experience…and our breakfast.

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