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Bayer Hospitality Suite

Get inspired with the Bayer Consumer Health Nutritionals Team!

Highlights of Bayer Hospitality Suite in Vitafoods 2018:

  • 13.00-14.00, Tuesday 15 May: Meeting Hanno Cappon, Bayer’s Head of Innovation & Development for Consumer Health Nutritionals, who talked about the future of nutritionals and Bayer’s global mission of developing nutritional products that deliver meaningful health benefits
  • Arranged 1:1 appointment with Bayer’s Consumer Health experts and gained valuable insights and innovation ideas

Bayer Consumer Health’s vision is to make the Company’s mission, “Self-care for a Better Life”, a reality for millions of people around the world. Nutrition plays an important role in helping people get well, and inspiring healthier living. In Vitafoods 2018, Bayer aimed to meet with colleagues, like you, who share an understanding of the power of nutrition and nutritionals to discuss collaborations that will improve consumer well-being.

Specific interest areas of the Hospitality Suite included:

  • Mental Performance and Mood: 14.00-17.00, Tuesday 15 May
  • Strengthening Immunity in the context of environmental pollution: 14.00-17.00, Tuesday 15 May
  • Physical mobility, joint, bone and muscle health: 10.00-12.30, Wednesday 16 May
  • Pregnancy and baby health: 10.00-12.30, Wednesday 16 May
  • Naturals with proven efficacy on Immunity, digestive health, energy metabolism and healthy longevity: 14.00-16.30, Wednesday 16 May
  • Confectionary formats, e.g gummies with extended shelf-life: 10.00-12.30, Thursday 17 May

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