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Your checklist for Vitafoods Europe

Everything you need to know before, during and after Vitafoods Europe 2022.

Before the event

Step 1: Check latest travel advice

If you’re travelling to the event in Geneva, check the covid restrictions before you travel.


Step 2: Save the Vitafoods Europe event platform to your phone home screen

This is a super quick step and will save you time accessing the Vitafoods Europe event platform before, during and after the event. Here’s how:

And don’t forget Vitafoods Europe goes live online from 2nd May with great content and matchmaking available!


Step 3: Access your digital badge

Vitafoods Europe will once again be paper-FREE to help with our sustainability goals and to minimise contact points. Just like last year, you will be able to access your digital badge via the Vitafoods Europe event platform.

You can also save your digital badge on your mobile phone sent to you in your registration email confirmation.

If you do not have a smartphone please get in touch with us here: [email protected]


Step 3: Create your schedule & view the floor plan

Check out the floor plan, book meetings and add sessions to your schedule ahead of time by logging into the Vitafoods Europe event platform.


Step 4: Charge your phone

You will need your phone to enter the event and scan QR codes to get exhibitor information, access premium content and navigate the show floor. 

Make sure you charge your phone before the event or bring your tablet to help you scan and access all content around the event. 


Step 5: Sign up to our networking events

If you haven’t already, take advantage of our free networking events.

During the event

Step 1: Be ready to enter the event

You made it to Geneva! Get your digital badge ready to scan before you go into the venue.


Step 2: View the floor plan via the Vitafoods Europe event platform
If you haven’t already, pin the event platform to your phone home screen so it’s easy to access.


Step 3: Build your Product & Content Library
Download content and information about exhibitors and their products by scanning QR codes:

  • Open a link with your digital badge
  • Click Scan QR Code
  • Allow the application to access the camera on your device


Step 4: Keep your phone charged 

Visit the Recharge Lounges at G220 & Q80 so you can keep your devices charged.

Just make sure to bring your charger!

After the event

Step 1: Catch up on demand, export your schedule and access your scanned content 

All theatre sessions will be live streamed and will be available to watch on demand for 14 days after the event on the Vitafoods Europe Event Platform. You can also export your schedule and access the content you scanned during the event. Login here.


Step 2: Let us know how we can improve

A week after Vitafoods Europe, we will send out a feedback survey to hear your thoughts on and how we can improve. Please complete this survey so that we can serve you better and bring the people you want to meet.