The Vitafoods mission is to shape the food industry for optimal health, through science and innovation.


At the beginning of 2018 the Vitafoods team developed a new mission statement with the view to highlight the role Vitafoods plays within the industry. We believe in continually growing our sustainable efforts to deliver events which are run responsibly,  build communities and share content and knowledge to further develop and serve this ever changing industry. The sustainability plan impacts on different United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a clear focus, but not limited to, good health and well-being. Our commitment to the industry is based on three different pillars which together support Vitafoods’s role in shaping the industry.

Vitafoods are proud to continually grow our sustainability programme at our events, through building our communities and the content we develop. Our areas of focus take into account sustainability from a holistic approach, looking at:



Inspire the industry with the latest science and innovation

Our event is the place where innovation happens. We commit to develop and share the latest content through show floor features, presentations and dedicated areas to new products.

Our content efforts include:

• 56 Presentations delivered within the Education Programme to help shape the industry through science and innovation.

• Showcased over 150+ new products and launches within our visitor attractions



Share knowledge & connect the health and nutrition community

We connect business leaders through knowledge
and networking opportunities whether online, through our dedicated app and matchmaking tools or our dedicated additional events during the show. 

Our community building efforts include:

• Organised 17 Networking events during the 3 days with our customers

• Hosted the annual 5K Run, open to all attendees, an opportunity to network whilst staying fit



Run events responsibly and healthily

Our responsibility to the industry is about running events with suppliers and services that help us
achieve a sustainable event and operate safely. Our selected providers are committed to our vision and best practices.

Our environmental efforts include:

• 95% of stand materials for Organiser and exhibitor stand build by Freeman is re-used or recycled.

• 80% of all other waste generated during the exhibition is sorted and recycled by the venue; the remaining 20% is burned with the heat from this used to heat buildings throughout the canton of Geneva.

Find out how you can partner with us to reducing our environmental impact at Vitafoods Europe 2020



What's next?


We always aim to improve our sustainability efforts. We are currently working towards our sustainable goals through the following actions:

• Developing our events programme, incorporating more opportunities for our community to foster relationships

• Making our content accessible throughout the year

• Continuing to learn from our industry, key trends and content which matters

• Working with our event suppliers to continually improve our environmental impact


Partner with us & share your story

Got an idea? Want to share your story and efforts?

Partner with Vitafoods Europe and help us raise awareness of sustainability in our industry and amongst our suppliers, customers and owners of the venue we use.

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