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As pioneers in the science of polyphenols and renowned as the producer of the only bilberry extract with API* status, we are passionate about the diversity of colourful flavonoids and their extraordinary health benefits.

Using biotechnologies and soft extraction-purification processes, we produce premium quality bioflavonoid-rich dry extracts from carefully selected superfruits.

For over 50 years, we have been promoting our top-ranking expertise in bioflavonoids and working closely with others all along the supply chain in order to offer proven active ingredients to consumers. 

*API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


Helping people maintain an active and stimulating life-style

Manufacturing effective fruit ingredients

Building reliable synergistic partnerships



Expert in bioflavonoids extraction and purification, Ferlux has developed a range of trueberry extracts.

Following its pharmaceutical standards, Ferlux has the full control of its ingredients, from the raw material to the finished extract.

Traceability, Potency, Purity and Transparency are our cardinal points.

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Found in these Categories: