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Sponsors 2018

Below is a list of our 2018 exhibition and education programme sponsors. Many thanks to them for their continued support.

If you would like to support Vitafoods Europe 2018 and maximise your exposure at the event through sponsorship please contact Julia Wocka-Gowda on +44(0)20 7017 6278.

Official Sponsors

Since 1985 exclusively dedicated to probiotics, Probiotical offers full-cycle expertise in research, from isolation to characterization of strains; production of probiotic cultures; development and realization of clinically tested probiotic/synbiotic finished products for specific functionalities. Innovative process technologies and over 80 patent families on probiotics make Probiotical a unique presence in its sector, able to produce: allergen-free probiotic strains and products; formulations stabilized for up to 24 months at 25°C in various dosage forms (including oil suspension and chewable chocolate comfits); microencapsulated gastric-resistant probiotics (bowel colonization ability 5 times greater than uncoated cells).

Kappa Bioscience is the pioneer in development and production of the only synthetic and biologically active all-trans menaquinone-7 (vitamin K2 MK-7), marketed under the K2VITAL® brand name. Kappa’s innovation of MK-7 synthesis marks the commercial milestone where this fat-soluble vitamin can begin to attain widespread consumer adoption. Effective synthesis production drives scalability, price reduction and a secure supply chain - with unmatched ingredient purity and documentation. Combined with other Kappainnovations such as the patented DELTA® microencapsulation process, which provides K2 stability in mineral formulations, K2VITAL® offers brands and manufacturers a path to broader market segments. Kappa Ingredients GmbH, a wholly owned division of Kappa Bioscience, manages global sales of the K2VITAL and other product lines directly and through a network of global distributors.


  • Aker BioMarine G30
  • Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd L120
  • Biotec BetaGlucans AS F181
  • Cambridge Commodities G20
  • Capsugel G10
  • Covance A72
  • Diana Food E20
  • FrieslandCampina I64
  • Goerlich Pharma I39
  • Ingredia  F14
  • Lallemand Health Solutions H44
  • Lecifarma N160
  • Lipofoods F189
  • Lonza Ltd
  • Lycored H40
  • Natac C72
  • OmniActives H60
  • Phytabolites Neutraceuticals Pvt.Ltd Q176
  • Primex I79
  • Topgum Q131
  • Uelzena eG L72