Exhibiting and sponsorship packages

The new hybrid format combines one of the nutraceutical industry’s biggest face-to-face events with an innovative digital platform. It is the best combined approach to access both new and existing customers, present tangible samples, as well as sharing science and innovation in a on-demand and in person format. You will be able to maximise your ability to reach new audiences and connect with prospective clients online while also promoting your brand to physical visitors.

Our hybrid opportunity is the best way to truly maximise on your investment at Vitafoods Europe and reach the whole community! Follow these 3 steps to become a hybrid exhibitor and benefit from sponsorship opportunities available at the show. 

Step 1 Become an exhibitor

For the first time hybrid exhibitors will get access to the attendee list pre event through the matchmaking platform. Every attendee by default will be a digital attendee with access to the virtual platform for matchmaking and organising their event schedule. You can use the platform to set up meetings for the in person part of the event as well as virtually.

Step 2 Boost your visibility

Already an exhibitor? Access enhanced sponsorship opportunities exclusive to Vitafoods Exhibitors that utilise both digital and in-person aspects of the packages. 

Step 3 Choose your sponsorship package

Below, find a brief description of the sponsorship opportunities available to exhibitors. Please note you need to be an exhibitor at Vitafoods Europe 2021 to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities

Hybrid exhibitors

Access both new and existing customers. Present tangible samples as well as share science and innovation in a on demand and in person format. This package enables you to capture leads and interest to follow up on after the event. This is a guaranteed way to truly maximise on your investment at Vitafoods Europe and reach the whole community in a few days.

In-person only exhibitors

A proven and effective way to build relationships, present physical examples of your products to the market and foster and develop existing relationships over 2 or 3 days each year. Vitafoods Europe is a much visited and trusted annual event attended by the whole nutraceutical community.

Digital Only Packages

Reach prospective clients without the travel costs before, during and after the in-person format. Benefit from increased lead generation, lead management through the platform and access to visitor profiles. Digital only sponsorship can also aid in a longer shelf life thought on demand access. This is a proven way to reach a higher percentage of new businesses that have not engaged with our “in person” events as yet.