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About the Industry Call for Papers

Call for Papers 2018 submission is now closed!

Members of the nutraceutical and functional food industry were invited to submit abstracts of their latest research projects and product portfolios for the 2018 Vitafoods Europe Education Programme.  The submission application  is now closed and proposals are being reviewed by the Education Executive Advisory Board and the Vitafoods Europe team.

The 2018 Vitafoods Europe Education Programme will be available to view end of November.  

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The submission application for 2018 is now closed.

Interested in speaking?

If you are interested in speaking at Vitafoods Europe 2018, please send an enquiry to Marion Schumacher and Richard Nicholls

What are the potential categories for 2018?

  • Beverage Innovation
  • Cognitive/Brain Health: Product Development, Formulation, Mood/Stress Focus
  • Contract Manufacturing: Identifying a Partner, Audits, Quality Control
  • ‘Free From’ Foods: Formulating around Allergens, Preservatives, Artificial Anything
  • Digestive Health: Formulating for Whole Body Wellness, Gut-Brain Axis, Ingredient Research
  • Health Claims: Navigating the EU Regulatory Requirements
  • Healthy Aging: Product Development, Focusing on the Senior Market, Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Heart Health: Product Development, Go-to-Market Strategies, Ingredient Research/Trends
  • Ingredient Quality: Adulteration, Identity Testing, Traceability
  • International Trade Considerations: Importing Ingredients, Export Challenges
  • Joint Health: Need for Innovation, Shifts in Positioning
  • Millennials Usage of Natural Products (Supplements, Foods, Beverages)
  •  Omnichannel Shopping and Its Impact on Brand Marketers
  • Performance Nutrition: Fitness Market & Sports Market
  • Personalized Nutrition: The Next Frontier
  • Probiotics: Scientific Research, Delivery Methods/Challenges, Consumer Marketing, Claims
  • Proteins: Alternative Sources, Optimizing Nutritional Impact
  • Regulatory issues: Codex, EFSA, Brexit Impact
  • Unique Delivery Systems: Ingredient Technologies, FInished Product Options for Target Markets 
  • Weight Management: Product R&D, Formulation, Go-to-Market Strategies, Trending Ingredients 


To find out more or to discuss other topics, please contact:

Marion Schumacher

Senior Conference Producer 

+44 (0) 20 701 75799

Richard Nicholls

Conference Marketing Co-ordinator 

+44 (0)20 701 74233