Abstract Submission Guidelines

The abstract is a concise description of the specific purpose, content, methodology, results and importance of the proposed presentation.

General Requirements

• An abstract (no longer than 750 words) is required for each poster submitted. Please state specific findings and influences explicitly. Include a concluding statement to provide a strong summary for the abstract.

• Presenting authors must agree to reveal the structure of the compound or gene if it is mentioned in the abstract

• Please note the cost of entry is €350.00 plus VAT per poster

The deadline has now passed and the form is closed. 


• Title: Research reported must bear titles accurately reflecting the study population and/or the population to which the results will be applied. If the title (no longer than 150 characters) of the paper would be too unwieldy, the relevant information must be included in the abstract.
Authors must include the following information in the abstract (and on the poster artwork under the headings indicated):
• Study Objective(s): Question addressed by the study
• Method: Design of the study, setting, participants (manner of selection and number who entered and completed the study), interventions (if any), main outcome measures (primary study outcome measure as planned before data collection)
• Results: Key findings
• Conclusions: Including direct application
• Funding: All sources of funding for the study must be acknowledged (including "no funding").


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