Education Programme 2019 Summits

Personalised Nutrition: Driven by Science and Data

Tuesday 7th May, 14:00 - 17:40

The personalised nutrition space has been growing steadily and is predicted to grow at an even more rapid rate in the coming years, from an estimated value of $93 billion (2015) to $127 billion in 2020 (GlobalData) as consumers become more health conscious – demanding offerings that align with their individual requirements. In this summit we will not only provide an overview of the state and future of the personalised nutrition market, but also explore the role of data and digital health as a key driver of this industry, enabling companies to gain unique customer insights as well as influence behaviour. 

ChairNard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer Personalised Nutrition & Health, TNO Healthy Living (The Netherlands)

14:00 - 14:40

Exploring personalised nutrition trends

  • Focusing on the ever-expanding choices in food service and retail, enabling consumers to adopt a more individual approach based on preferences and personal health needs
  • Understanding how wearable technology and the growing role for nutrigenomics are supporting the trend to personalise nutrition with technologies including AI and 3D printing making customization ever more prevalent
  • In addition to Marketing campaigns, press releases and social media, packaging personalization is fast becoming the go-to tool for customer engagement

Speaker: Robin Wyers, Chief Editor, Innova Market Insights (The Netherlands)

14:40 - 15:10

Digital health technologies as a catalyst for personalised nutrition

  • Outlining current trends in digital health and exploring why personalisation is the logical extension 
  • Personalised medicine as front-runner for Personalised nutrition: what can the nutrition industry learn from pharma? 
  • “Quantified Self” and “Optimised Self” as the “End of Average”: what does further personalisation mean for all stakeholders?

Speaker: Dr. Volker Spitzer, Global Principal, Consumer Health R&D and Innovation, IQVIA (Switzerland) 

15:10 - 15:50

Nutrigenomics: exploring how genes will dictate our food of tomorrow

  • Nutrigenomics is no longer a utopia – discover the new nutrition and health discipline enhanced by both scientists’ and consumer’s interest
  • Outlining the importance of personalisation to meet consumers’ needs
  • Providing case studies for innovative ideas to develop new nutraceutical products and services

Speaker: Grégory Dubourg, CEO and Founder, Nutrikéo (France)

15:50 - 16:20

Tapping the behaviour change potential of personalised dietary advice

  • Identifying whether personalised nutrition can deliver its promises for better health
  • Understanding consumer reactions to personalised dietary advice
  • Investigating innovation and best practice in delivering personalised dietary advice

Speaker: Dr Brian Power, Lecturer in Nutrition, Institute for Liver and Digestive Health, Royal Free Hospital Medical School and University College London (United Kingdom)

16:20 - 17:00

Providing an analysis of the EU legal framework applicable to personalised nutrition offerings

  • Identifying the different EU legal provisions applicable to personalised nutrition, including services, personal data, medical devices, food law and medicinal law
  • Taking international soft law provisions into account, as well as policy activities of the EU institutions in the area of eHealth and mHealth
  • Highlighting the difficulties to define and classify personalised nutrition (health care service or not?) How can we ease the way through provisions susceptible to application?

Speaker: Joanna Jaskolska, Regulatory Affairs Manager, ECCO, The European Consulting Company, (Belgium)

17:00 - 17:40

Data collection and the role of healthcare professionals 

  • Learning what needs to be in place for new products and technologies to be adopted and recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Understanding why companies need healthcare professionals as part of data science and product development teams
  • Reviewing the evolving role of personalised nutrition technology in healthcare intervention

Speaker: Mariette Abrahams, Founder & Nutrition Business Consultant, MA Consulting (Portugal)