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9 - 11 May 2023 - Geneva, Switzerland

1 - 12 May 2023 - Online

Our commitment to sustainability

What is sustainability for Vitafoods?

Sustainability evolves with Vitafoods as we grow and progress as a community. As we work together to increase our positive environmental, social and economic contribution, we have the opportunity to support the nutraceutical industry in achieving its own sustainability goals through enabling the right connections and access to the knowledge they need to help solve the big challenges in the sector.

At Vitafoods Europe we are working towards:

Sustainable development

Providing knowledge and insights that address some of the industry’s greatest challenges and championing stories of sustainability success through content available at free-to-attend theatres.

Waste reduction

Implementing the Better Stands programme and other waste reduction initiatives to eradicate most of the waste generated by the event, including build, catering and promotional items.

Community empowerment

Implementing Health & Safety measures to ensure your safety if you decide to join us in-person whilst providing an accessible virtual platform to stay connected, share knowledge and do business.

Sustainable initiatives

The role we play within the industry and the growing interest in sustainability from our visitors and exhibitors, as well as to our market, motivate us to continually grow our sustainable efforts. In 2018, we started:

  • Working closely with our suppliers to minimise any negative impact on the local community.
  • Designing features to inspire sustainable development at a business and personal level with networking events promoting wellbeing within the workplace through roundtables and wellbeing sessions.
  • Powering the event with renewable energy.
  • Ensuring the carpet, signage, lanyards and paper used at the event is made from recycled materials and it is recycled or reused at the end of the event.
  • Ensuring our catering is local, organic and seasonal, and uses minimal packaging. Catering to different dietary and lifestyle choices, including a restaurant serving only plant-based options. 
  • Partnering with a local charity to convert leftovers from catering into biofuels.
  • Providing recycling bins for both for exhibitors and visitors on the show floor.


In 2019, Vitafoods Europe achieved the prestigious ISO 20121 Sustainability Certificate and the Informa Markets Award Excellence in Sustainability.

“We believe the event organisers care as much about sustainability as we do, and it is great to know our passion is shared with the Vitafoods Europe team.”
Lonza Team