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How to prepare for a virtual meeting

Once you’ve secured your meetings, It's time to make sure they go as planned. Below are some key tips on how to make sure your meetings at Vitafoods Europe go as smoothly as possible.

Technical checks

Technical difficulties can result in lost time, so make sure both your audio and video are working effectively prior to any meetings, along with having a secure internet connection.

The words “you’re on mute” were said far too many times last year. Technical difficulties can be extremely frustrating, but fear not, our dedicated concierge team will be on hand to support you every step of the way.

Don’t go in blind

Taking the time to do your homework is essential for any meeting.  Make sure you use the time effectively and have a clear aim for how you want the meeting to go. Much of the information you may need can be found on the exhibitor page.

Time is of the essence

Make sure your sales pitch is concise and unique to the company you're meeting. Remember the reason you have decided to meet. It is important to respect each others time, so we also suggested to prepare a clear agenda to to make the most of your meeting and insure succuess.  

Share documents

One unique feature of this year's edition of Vitafoods Europe, is that you’ll be able to share documents during any given meeting. Make sure you make full use of this feature and have any relevant documents ready to hand. Additionally, you’ll be able to record meeting notes, however make sure you save these before the event ends as they won’t be downloadable when the platform closes.

Connect with an international audience

Due to the nature of the event, there will be a diverse range of cultures and languages present, so keep in mind how you approach each meeting with respect to the intended recipient. It’s also important to be aware that different cultures will have a slightly different approach to business meetings, so don’t be put off if someone appears too direct.