Strainspecific prebiotics increase efficacy of probiotics

07 May 2014
13:30 - 13:55
Chair person  Elinor McCartney
Speaker(s)  Linda Mulder

Co-Authored by: Ewoud van Limbeek, Sarah Meeuws, MSc both Winclove Probiotis


Goal: The goal of this research was to develop a next generation of highly effective multi-species probiotics, by adding specifically selected prebiotic compounds.

Materials & Methods: In order to determine the synbiotic potential of various probiotic/prebiotic combinations seven commercially available prebiotics (including different oligosaccharides, polydextrose, dextrin and inulin) were screened for their ability to increase growth of 26 different probiotic strains by measuring optical density (OD, 620 nm) in a spectrophotometer. Growth was measured in MRS broth, where glucose was replaced by a prebiotic compound. Based on the results, mixtures of specifically selected prebiotics were composed for several probiotic formulations. Growth and activity of the probiotic mixtures was determined by OD and lactic acid production respectively.

Results: Analysis showed that each probiotic strain favored utilizing specific prebiotics for optimal growth. When multispecies probiotics contained a mixture of the favored prebiotic for each individual strain, an increase in growth was observed compared to randomly chosen mixtures of prebiotics.

Conclusion: These results indicate that for optimal growth prebiotics should be specifically selected depending on the probiotic strains in the formulation. In this way, strain-specific prebiotics can optimally increase the effect of multi-species probiotic formulations.

This work contributes to the ongoing development of more effective multispecies probiotic products. Up till now synbiotic formulations were composed by randomly combining probiotics and prebiotics. We show that potentially more effective products can be developed by specifically selecting pro-and prebiotic combinations.


Who Should Attend and why:

This presentation is especially interesting for people who are interested in the latest developments in reseach on probiotic and prebiotic food supplements. We introduce a next generation multispecies probiotics with a potential higher efficacy due to the addition of specifically selected prebiotics. This presentation will be interesting for scientists but also for marketing people and people from business development

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