A systems view on personalised nutrition business models

07 May 2014
15:20 - 15:45
Chair person  Michele Kellerhals
Speaker(s)  Jo Goossens

Our societies have to find ways to release the pressure on health care budgets from the consequences of unhealthy life styles and dietary behavior. As the science on the genetic basis and metabolic dynamics that control the relation between food and health progresses, the difficulties of achieving the lasting dietary behavior change where needed still presents a daunting problem and is mainly due to the inherent individual dimension of food choice and the concept of health. Personalized nutrition is a new approach that may help to overcome this problem by matching dietary advise with health requirements at a more individual level. Food4me has explored the emerging personalized nutrition offerings in the market and the barriers and opportunities as currently perceived from a consumer, industrial as well as societal perspective. This resulted in the development of a personalized nutrition system model that describes the characteristics of a personalized nutrition concept and how it is influenced by its environment (societal, technical, commercial, political, legal, ethical, psychological). In order to use this to explore possible novel business model concepts, future scenarios were created to explore how value patterns around nutrition and health could shape future European societies by 2030. With two variables ‘logic of health care systems’ and ‘concept of health’ defining the scenario space, for scenarios have been created: ‘Super Sister’, ‘My health My Home’, ‘Me Inc’ and ‘Nudging World’. They will serve in the next steps of the project as a rich background to design novel business model concepts and to evaluate barriers and opportunities.

Who Should Attend and why:

Strategy and marketing/ business development.  The presentation will provide insights into the structure and complexity of personalised nutrition approaches and how establishing such approaches in the future in society may require very different considerations from food, supplement and nutrition industries as compared to the present business environment.


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Can better nutrition ever achieve its promise to reduce chronic disease and public health care costs?
Yes - but better clarity is needed on food labelling and marketing regulation
Only if legislation banning certain foods is introduced
No - you can't force people to change lifestyle patterns
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